Analytics-video and data analytics

Video analytics is a technique that uses a unique algorithm to process a digital video signal in order to perform a security-related function. Video analytics has been advertised as a solution to provide those providing security to key infrastructures with a powerful method of recognising and detecting intruders, following persons or items, and producing an alarm on specific sorts of activity since its debut. The advantages of video analytics are starting to be understood in the healthcare industry.
  Video analytics is a technique for extracting searchable, actionable, and quantifiable intelligence from live or recorded video using existing video surveillance networks. Video intelligence software, which is powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning, detects and extracts objects from video, identifies each object using trained Deep Neural Networks, and then classifies each object to enable intelligent video analysis, such as search and filtering, alerting, and data aggregation and visualisation. Physical security and law enforcement personnel have traditionally employed video surveillance cameras to conduct investigations and improve real-time response to incidents. Organizations have recently learned that supplementing their video surveillance networks with video analytics solutions might help them get a lot more value out of them. As a result, Axentro has video analytics that is now utilised by a wide range of operators, including marketing, operations, facility management, customer experience teams, and more – across a wide range of businesses and industries.
Different business divisions can explore video intelligence in new and meaningful ways by maximising their existing investments. From accelerating post-event investigations and proactively responding to security incidents as they unfold, to deriving visitor demographic profiles, behavioural patterns, and operational inefficiencies, such as crowds and queues, that can be avoided with real-time intervention. Video analytics provides the breadth of intelligence needed to bolster security, customer experiences, business operations, and ultimately revenues. Video surveillance systems create vast amounts of data. It is critical to handle and process such data at a fraction of the time utilising only people. Video analytics emerges as a useful tool that makes generated video data more meaningful and lucrative in real time.