Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting utilises cloud resources to make programmes and websites available for you. In contrast to traditional hosting, solutions are not installed on a single server. Instead, the application or website is hosted by a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers, giving it more flexibility and scalability. Traditional hosting packages come with a restricted amount of bandwidth.
Cloud hosting is a cloud delivery paradigm that provides a set of remote or virtual services called infrastructure as a service or IaaS. Such services provided on demand are housed on cloud computing infrastructure. We are supported by our top partners and we provide managed and unmanaged cloud hosting services that can scale up or down to meet traffic spikes or seasonal demands. Because sites and apps are housed on a network of servers, hardware problems do not result in downtime. Traffic is separated and safeguarded over various network interfaces. You should be looking for a company like Axentro that offers physical/operational, network and system, as well as application and data security alternatives. We frequently give tools and even provide specialised services to help manage the cloud environment. Our cloud hosting offers the benefits of faster solution deployment and lower installation and operation costs.