Quality performance engineering

Axentro’s engineering and performance testing services improve your company's efficiency and help you integrate your strategy with changing business needs. We are a performance testing firm that uses strategies and methodologies to ensure that applications are adequately tested for scalability, volume, performance, and stress and load variations. We help performance-driven development by enabling large-scale benchmarks and holiday readiness.
Quality Assurance (QA) activities are critical to the success of any project and should begin concurrently with, or even before, development when the initial project requirements are defined. Each QA phase includes time for developing test plans and conducting ongoing testing. Time for stabilisation, regression, and post-deployment testing must be set aside at the end of each phase. Internal product owners are another crucial job for quality assurance engineers: they must have a thorough understanding of the system to enable fully functional testing on the one hand, and development team experience on the other.